Maison Alessandro Giada

Crazy colors and nice geometries, subtle play of contrasts in the “AG alessadrogiada” bags collection.

Art Deco influences meet pop mood and avant-garde spirit, as well as the bright colors are taken from the Miami buildings and the rigorous symmetries inspired by the architecture of New York in the twenties; all mixed up in a curious young and whimsical mix & match.

The rigidity of the lines is lightened by the bright colors, by the modern and captivating design, as well as by the materials like the smooth calf that reflects the light or the textured textures with a weaving pattern or in grains.

Great attention to craftsmanship, tradition, original design and the research and care of every single material or detail used up to the realization of the finished product entirely Made in Italy.

An eclectic collection, pure expression of the young millenials, more and more social and smart who want to live their life to the full with positivity and a touch of exuberance.

The Mood