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Our accessories are turning to a girl young, dynamic, fashion lover, an active millenial on social, lover of beauty, of the pleasures of life and looking to the future with positivity.

The identity of the brand can be summarized in two words “Color and Geometry“, in fact, each creation has a strong geometric matrix and rigor in the forms and lines highlighted even more from color disruptive power and daring of various combinations different colors and materials such as leather printed tones metallic material and texture. Each accessory is the result of study and always inspired by the art and architecture world, particularly by the Bauhaus experience, De Stijil and the works of Piet Mondrian and Le Corbusier. Every detail and material also, as well as the study of design and the first prototype are supported by craft technique and the rediscovery of the traditions in the sector of leather, in fact the whole is strictly performed in hand with care and passion for a product elusively Made in Italy.
The rediscovery and re-evaluation this craft mission our brand that we would like to convey to all our future clients.

In our second line “Addicted To You” everything is concentrated Instead, on the interchangeability of the product, so that each of us It can create their own “it-bag” by combining different models of flaps, colored bodies, charms and straps; because fashion is especially fun and experimentation evolving.

The “BLEND” collection embodies the character, attention to detail and the passion typical of the brand. The vivid and bright colors blend with diagrams and clear and precise geometric lines that communicate strength and confidence, pure expression of young and dynamic girl who want to represent. A contemporary girl, active on social and always connected to the latest fashions and trends but with its own style, personal, sometimes whimsical and unconventional. Each accessory is the result of study and embodies a strong artistic and architectural matrix, particularly the Bauhaus experience, De Stijil, Piet Mondrian and Le Corbusier were our guidelines. The color blocks as well as the geometries are even more highlighted by the alternation of materials, in particular smooth calf that gives luster, hammered by the matte finish and textured skins for donating character. Every detail as well as the design are supported by the ancient craft technique that aims to follow the development of the piece at every stage to ensure a quality product and originality.

The capsule collection “Golden Age” has a more elegant and sophisticated character, suitable for special occasions. A precious collection that brings together all our “it-bag” always born from the marriage geometry and color, but that encloses a more classic touch and refined through the use of gold inlays mixed with more neutral and subtle tones.

One body for many souls. Every day a new bag, to customize and create according to their own style. The “addicted to you” Collection contains a microcosm of colors, emotions and different design and original. The body bag is unique and different in color, designed to meet any changes that are going to create invisible using specific anchor points; the perfect base to design your perfect bag through the many flaps, components such as “maxi shoulder”, pom poms and tassels colored fox. Each flap has its own name and identity that define the style for a game that will always entertain more and will last indefinitely.